Verified Ads

In order for a Free Escort Ad advertiser to be eligible to have the “Photo Verified” icon affixed to their advertisement or to be placed in Free Escort Ads’ “verified” category, Free Escort Ad administrators must have received tangible information that the individual appearing in the photographs on any specific advertisement intended to be advertised on Free Escort Ads as an individual providing adult companionship. Such proof could include comparing the pictures submitted to Free Escort Ads on an advertisement with either official government issued IDs and/or picture(s) taken by the advertiser that meets very specific criteria set forth by Free Escort Ads.

However, please be aware that Free Escort Ads cannot and does not make any guarantees or warranties that either (a) the advertiser in the pictures on any particular ad will be the same individual who shows up for any date arranged between an advertiser and yourself, (b) that any of the content, including the name of the advertiser, or stats that appear on an advertisement is accurate or truthful.

Advertiser Instructions:


Photo verification is fast and easy…

Step 1: Please use a large piece of paper, minimum 8.5 x 11 inches. Please use a dark colored pen or marker and write legibly: Your username, today’s date and

Step 2: Take a selfie of yourself holding your verification sheet. Ensure your face is visible, the verification sheet is readable and that the photo is not manipulated or photoshopped.

Step 3: Attach the photo when creating your ad. Your verification photo will be reviewed and compared to your attached ad photos and official photo ID. Once approved, your ad will be marked as verified — proving to potential clients your photos are real.

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